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Kymberly Hamilton- George
Kymberly Hamilton- George

Kymberly is a native New York Realtor who combines her social work skills and sales background to help clients sort out and maximize their housing options. Kymberly is often dubbed as the listening agent, who always finds just the right spot for each one of her clients. Her methods and success seem effortless and elusive when in fact, her success is no secret. Kymberly, is the listening agent, who believes that getting to know your client is more than half the battle to finding a new home in the competitive housing market of New York.

The other half is knowing the market and being able to evaluate market trends.

As a Brooklyn Friends Alumni, Kymberly was educated by a large network of conscientious professionals that value the importance of culture, preferences and individuality. She graduated at the top of her class from Bryn Mawr College as an economics major and is well versed in the market trends that impact the NYC housing market. Her passion for people and places make her ideal for the NYC Real Estate Industry. Kymberly has lived in the U.S. as well as abroad, giving her a broad range of life experience to assist and help clients from all walks of life.

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